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Bat Removal & Exclusion 

bat removal
bat removal
bat exclusion

Humane Bat Removal

bat control

Bat Exclusion

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Bat Removal Regulations

Bats Away is New Jersey’s leading bat removal, bat exclusion, bat proofing, bat dropping and bat guano removal company.   Bats Away differs from other pest control and wildlife companies because this division of our company only handles bat remediation projects.  Our entire management team and service specialists have extensive training in all phases of safe and humane bat removal projects.  We specialize in residential bat removal and exclusion, commercial bat removal and exclusion and industrial bat removal and exclusion. 


Call us today to schedule a full site evaluation to determine severe your bat problem is and your available bat remediation options. 

All of our bat removal and bat control projects start with conducting a night time survey of the property and surrounding areas to identify all of the bat exit and entry points around the structure.  In order to properly and safely remove bats from a structure, all of the entry and exit points must be properly identified.  Once all of the points are identified, our team of bat experts will document all of the areas on our night survey intake form.  The structure will be graphed and we will next determine what entry and exit points are primary and secondary points.  Next, we will inspect the entire property and related areas to determine what access equipment is required, any safety concerns, power lines, access points, stable ground surfaces and related installation details.

After all of the job related details are considered, we will ensure that the bat removal project complies will of the New Jersey Bat removal compliance regulations.    

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Bat Project Planning

Finally, once we have conducted all of our surveys, installation details and any safety concerns, our team will develop a bat removal, exclusion, proofing plan that will remedy all of your bat problems and fit your budget.  


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