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Bats Bugs in New Jersey



Bat Bugs: What They Are & How to Control Them


While many are familiar with the fuss and the hubbub associated with bed bugs, they are often confused for the bat bug. Since the two bugs are closely related and look almost identical, many home and business owners mistake the two. Unless you are able to look at both bugs underneath a microscope, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between them.


Bat bugs are flightless insects and they subsist on the blood of mammalian hosts. Even though a bat bug prefers to subsist on the blood meals from a bat host, they will often settle for other birds and animals if they do not located a secure host. Humans who reside in areas with large bat bug populations are at risk for attacks.


It is important to remember that while a bat bug does not actually have to live on a bat, but they typically nest in regions where there are large bat populations. Their lifestyle involves finding bats in which to feed upon each day, before retreating back to the dark cracks and crevices where they have made a permanent home for themselves.


Should a bat bug be able to locate a suitable hiding area, they can subsist for up to a year without receiving a blood meal from a mammal host. One of the main differences between bat bugs and bed bugs? A bat bug will only choose a human to attack if there are no bats to serve as hosts. On the other hand, bed bugs favor human hosts and will usually nest indoors.


If a human discovers the presence of bats in their home, there could also be bat bugs too. In order to remove both the bat bugs and the bats, the attic, the walls, any crawlspaces or areas with several nooks and crannies need to be properly fumigated by a professional pest control consultant. Once bats have been removed from the home, occupants should remain on alert, as they are more susceptible to bat bug bites when their preferred hosts have been eliminated.


That is why proper bat removal NJ techniques have taken on added importance. The bat bug cannot be treated in the same manner as a bed bug infestation. Bat bugs will feed on humans, but these blood meals are unlike those that they receive from bats, because they are unable to reproduce from a human blood source.


How to Control Bat Bugs


For a home or business owner to successfully gain control over the bat bug population, they must first gain control over the bat population in the area, since they are to blame for the presence of the bat bugs in the first place. Without the presence of bats, there is no presence of bat bugs.


Once the bats have been removed and eradicated, the bat bugs will eventually die, as it is incredibly difficult for them to survive without a suitable host. From there, the bat bugs will begin their desperate search for food and human blood is merely a temporary solution to what has become a permanent problem.


Proper Bat Removal NJ


Simply removing the bats from the home or business does not eliminate the problem entirely. Waiting for all of the bat bugs that have become infested in the area to die off on their own is not a good idea.  Even though they will inevitably perish without a proper blood meal from a bat host, allowing them to expire on their own is running the risk of additional bats showing up to take the place of the ones you've eliminated.


Homeowners fall into the trap of believing that they can simply remove the bat bugs using over the counter remedies. But in most instances, the owner of a business or home will need to contact a pest control professional, so that they can properly exterminate the bat bugs. Waiting for the bat bugs to die on their own means enduring a great deal of guessing and searching for evidence of the bat bugs.


Bat bug bites can be deceptively painful. They are often not felt immediately and a human may not even notice that they have been bitten until a few days have passed. Bat bug bites carry a number of risks, including the onset of an allergic reaction.


The most common reaction to bat bug bites are painful welts, excessive itchiness and the constant urge to scratch. The welts are not always immediately visible, but they often reveal themselves in clusters that exist in close proximity to one another.


If the human victim cannot control their scratching, this can lead to infection. Should an infection take place, the person will typically experience noticeable discomfort for up to two weeks. To assume bat bugs will vacate the premises on their own, without calling a trained pest control professional, is to assume that the bugs will die without a host, which is not always the case.


Bat bugs are one of the least commonly discussed household menaces and since so many mistake them for bed bugs, this interferes with proper treatment techniques. Without contacting the bat control experts, you will continue to experience infestation, outbreaks and potential sickness and infection.


Bat bugs are controlled by placing the bat population in your area on high alert. Making your home and its surrounding areas inhospitable for bats and the parasitic insects who require their blood for survival is crucial. Be sure to pick up the phone and call a professional bat removal New Jersey company at the first sign of a bat or bat bug related infestation, so that this common problem can become a thing of the past.


Bats Away is your bat removal NJ expert for all of your bat control related problems.  We can also recommend a professional pest control company to resolve any Bat Bug problems too.   




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