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Bat Removal NJ Services 


When dealing with bats that have entered a home or building, there are various services that may be necessary in order to properly remove and exclude them from the structure.

bat removal
Bat Removal

At times, it may be necessary to physically remove bats from within a structure.  Bats Away service specialists are highly trained to safely and humanly perform live captures to remove the bats that have found their way into occupied areas.  Once the bats are removed, they are safely relocated outside of the structure.  If bats have gained entry into the structure because a door or window was left open, once the bat removal service has been successfully performed, you should be bat free.  However, if the bat(s) gained entry into the structure because there are other structural deficiencies, you may want to consider bat proofing the structure after the bats have been safely removed.


Bats can be removed from attic, remove bats from chimney, remove bats from soffits, remove bats from eves and overhangs.


bat removal
Bat Droppings (Guano)

Bat droppings, also known as Bat Guano, can be very dangerous if not handled properly or left untreated.  Histoplasmosis is a known fungus relating to guano.  The dangerous aspect of Histoplasmosis fungus is that it can cause an infection in the lungs.  The fungus develops because of the nitrogen enriched elements that are found in guano. 


In addition to the health concerns, bat guano is also very corrosive and can damage wood and metal if they are permitted to remain on the surface.  Guano can also damage insulation and ceiling tiles. In some cases, if the guano builds up, the weight can collapse the ceiling and related areas.  Proper guano removal procedures must be followed when removing and sanitizing bat guano.   


Because of the various hazardous that are associated with guano, it is important that only trained professional perform the cleanup and sanitizing process.

bat removal
Bat Exclusion & Proofing

Once all of the bat entry and exit points have been properly identified, bat exclusion and proofing can be performed.  Based on the information that is collected from our night surveys, our team will determine the primary and secondary entry and exist points.  All of the secondary points can be sealed off.  Depending upon the type of opening and the structure, various methods may be used to seal and exclude the secondary points.  Such as, hardware metal meshing, black puracell expandable foam, aluminum flashing, wood trim, fitted foam blockers, or mesh capping.  In some cases, we may need to custom fabricate items to ensure the area is sealed.  It is import to note that while the objective is to exclude the bats from the secondary points, our team will ensure that a minimal visual impact to the structure.  The best bat exclusion is where you are not able to see the areas sealed off.


Once all of the secondary points are sealed off, we will next install bat cones, one way doors, or other one way devices so that the bats can safely exit the structure without being able to regain entry back into the structure.  Once all of the bats are removed and excluded from the structure, we can next consider and proceed to any bat droppings that need to be removed.

bat removal
Bat Remediation & Bat Guano Insurance Claims

Bat remediation projects can be very expensive depending upon how long the problem has occurred.  Depending upon the extent and type of insurance you have, in some cases you home owner’s policy may cover all or part of the either the bat exclusion work or the bat droppings (guano) removal and sanitizing. 


Our staff will work with you and your insurance company in providing any of the necessary documents assist in the insurance claim process.



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