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Bat Removal  & Control  FAQ 


There are several aspects to performing bat removal projects.


Bat Removal Pricing


Pricing for bat removal projects will vary considerably depending upon how severe the bat infestation is, type of access equipment is required and how many primary and secondary holes need to be sealed.  Typically, the average residential project will range between $1,500 and $3,500 dollars.  That range is assuming the work can be performed from ladders and no special access equipment is required.  Most residential projects have 1-3 primary entry and exit points and 2-4 secondary points. 


Commercial bat remediation projects typically are more expensive because more extensive building modifications are required and specialized access equipment are needed. 


Call today to have your home or building evaluated for bats.  Bats Away will provide you with various options to that remedy your bat problems.    


How Do I Know If I Have Bats?


Often at times, bats will enter into a home or building from a window or door that has been left open.  This is not uncommon but most times can be very scary.  So the question is do you have a severe bat infestation or was this just a one-time occurrence? 


Next steps to inspect further to determine how bad your bat problem is or is not:

  • Inspect areas like attics, soffits, eves, around chimney flashing, between roof shingles and gutter line, around dormer peaks, other openings and related pipes and cavities. 

  • Next, when a bat population becomes very large, you may hear the bats fluttering in the walls, ceilings and related areas.  Bats emit a tiny sound that sounds like a squeak.  You may also hear them scratching or crawling when they are either leaving the roost or reentering at dawn.

  • At dusk, bats will leave the roost in search of food and water.  As the sun is setting, you can conduct and inspection around the exterior of the home of building in areas that you suspect may be having a problem with bats.  Stand away and watch to see if you see bats exiting and leaving the home.

  • In the areas where you suspect that bats are exiting and entering the home, look down below to see if you see bat droppings (guano) down below on the ground, landscaping beds, windowsill, sidewalks, decks, running down the aluminum siding, porch, lower roofs and related areas directly below the suspected entry points.

If you have any other these items occurring at your home or building, call Bats Away today to permanently remove all bats and related pests from your residential home or commercial building. 



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