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Bat Removal & Bat Control in Essex County New Jersey


Bats Away removal company performs the following bat control services in Essex County NJ

  • Bat Removal

  • Bat Live Capture

  • Bat Exclusion, Proofing & Bat Control

  • Installation of bat houses and bat cones


Bats Away removes bats safely and humanly from the following areas of your residential home or commercial structure:

  • Remove bats from residential homes, garages and structures

  • Remove bats from commercial buildings and offices

  • Remove bats from attics, voids, shutters, walls, eves, chimney, soffits, basements, sun porches, rooms, barns and overhangs


If you live in New Jersey and are having a problem with bats and live in Essex County New Jersey, Bats Away are professional trained bat control experts that are reliable and provide prompt bat control.  Bats Away has over 30 years of experience is the field of bat management.  Bats Away will ensure that all of your bats are safely and properly removed and that your home or structure is bat proofed and all bat entry points are sealed and bats are safely excluded to prevent any further bat entry. 


Need bat removal in Essex County NJ?


Call Bats Away today for full home or building evaluation today at 844 228-7688.


In addition to removing bats from many towns in Essex NJ, Bats Away also performs guano removal (bat droppings) and cleanup services too.  So if you have a severe bat colony problem, chances are that there will be a large amount of bat droppings that are left behind that will need to be removed and areas sanitized.


Let our team of trained experts and staff conduct a full inspection to determine how light or how severe your bat problem is.



Bat Removal Services performed in the following towns in Essex County New Jersey: Belleville 07109, Bloomfield 07003, Caldwell 07006, Caldwell 07007, Cedar Grove 07009, East Orange 07017, East Orange 07018, East Orange 07019, Essex Fells 07021, Fairfield 07004, Glen Ridge 07028, Irvington 07111, Livingston 07039, Maplewood 07040, Millburn 07041,                                                            , Newark 07101, Newark 07102, Newark 07103, Newark 07104, Newark 07105, Newark 07106, Newark 07107, Newark 07108, Newark 07112, Newark 07114, Newark 07175, Newark 07182, Newark 07184, Newark 07188, Newark 07189, Newark 07191, Newark 07192, Newark 07193, Newark 07194, Newark 07195, North Caldwell 07006, Nutley 07110, Orange 07050, Orange 07051, Roseland 07068, South Orange 07079, Verona 07044, West Caldwell 07006 and West Orange 07052.


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