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Bat Removal & Bat Control in Montclair New Jersey




Bats Away is a removal company performs bat removal, bat exclusion, bat proofing and more in Montclair, New Jersey.   


Montclair is a township that is located in Essex County, New Jersey.  With the great historic homes and buildings that are located in Montclair, bat problems can occur.  With Montclair being located near the Watchung Mountains, bats caves and related living spots are very suitable.  


In addition to the mountains, there are several streams that run through the township like Wigwam Brook stream and Toney's Brook stream that flow into the Passaic River.  These streams provide suitable water and food supplies due to the insects of which bats feed on.    


Bats Away can solve all your bat problems bid and small.    Bats Away removes bats safely and humanly from the following areas of your residential home or commercial structure:

  • Remove bats from residential homes, garages, sheds and related types of structures

  • Remove bats from commercial buildings, offices, churches, distribution centers, transportation complexes and retail centers


Bats can become a problem in attics, voids, shutters, walls, eves, chimney, soffits, basements, sun porches, rooms, barns and overhangs.  They can even fly in a structure if windows don't have screens or doors are left open.


If you live in Montclair New Jersey and are having a problem with bats, Bats Away are professional trained bat control experts that are reliable and provide prompt bat control.  Bats Away has over 30 years of experience is the field of bat management.  Bats Away will ensure that all of your bats are safely and properly removed and that your home or structure is bat proofed and all bat entry points are sealed and bats are safely excluded to prevent any further bat entry. 


Call Bats Away today for full home or building evaluation today at 844 228-7688.


In addition to removing bats from many towns in Montclair New Jersey, Bats Away also performs guano removal (bat droppings) and cleanup services too.  So if you have a severe bat colony problem, chances are that there will be a large amount of bat droppings that are left behind that will need to be removed and areas sanitized.


Let our team of trained experts and staff conduct a full inspection to determine how light or how severe your bat problem is.




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