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Bat Removal & Bat Control in New Jersey


Bats Away performs the following bat control services in the State of New Jersey

  • Bat Removal New Jersey

  • Bat Capture New Jersey

  • Bat Exclusion New Jersey

  • Bat Proofing New Jersey

  • Bat Control New Jersey

  • Installation of bat houses in New Jersey


Bats Away removes bats safely and humanly from the following areas of your residential home or commercial structure:

  • Remove bats from New Jersey residential homes

  • Remove bats from New Jersey commercial buildings and structures

  • Remove bats from attics, walls, chimney, soffits, eves, basements, rooms, barns and overhangs


If you are having a problem with bats around your home, garage, barn or commercial office building, parking garage, church, or other structures, and live in the State of New Jersey, Bats Away are expert bat removal and control professionals.  Our entire staff is highly trained in all aspects of removing bats safely and humanily from and type of structure.  With over 30 years of bat control and remediation experience, we are here to fix all your probelms with bats.  From live capture, to permanent bat exclusion and bat proffing, we have the solutions that fix your bat problems.  


Need NJ bat removal?


Call Bats Away today and we will provide a full inspection of your home or office to determine all possible entry points and how severe your bat problem is.  Toll free at 844 228-7688.






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