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Signs That You May Have a Bat Problem

A bat problem is something that many of us have experienced, but we are often in denial about. If you are under the impression that you have bats living in your home, office or other building for any reason, it is best to begin your investigation into the potential issue immediately. While bats can be quite beautiful and many appreciate them for their ability to keep their homes safe from insects, they can cause a great deal of stress and agitation.

The following is a list of the telltale signs that indicate you have a bat problem, so read on in order to learn more about how to tell when your personal safety (and your families) could be in jeopardy. Should you have a bat infestation, it is best to call a professional extermination team.

Presence of Bats during Dusk

Bats are nocturnal, which means that they will not be seen during the daytime. Should you begin to notice bats flying around your house as soon as the sun starts to go down, this should tip you off to their continued presence? This typically means that they are living within your attic or another hidden space inside of your home and need to be eliminated immediately.

Ammonia Scent near the Home

If you are beginning to smell ammonia in and around your home on a consistent basis, these are not spilled cleaning products that you need to be worrying about, it is usually the sign of a bat infestation. When bat droppings (which are also known as guano) are allowed to accumulate over the course of time, they begin to give off a scent that is very similar to ammonia. The odor is not only pungent, but also smells of toxins.

Strange Smells

Ammonia scents aren't the only smell that lets you know when a bat problem is potentially taking place. While the majority of homeowners have the wherewithal to detect odd smells within their domicile, strange smells that are coming from the outside can be much more difficult to detect. Smells that are elusive typically emanate from within the walls or up in the attic, which is one of the surest signs of a bat problem.

Visible Dead Bats

Recently located a dead bat in close proximity to your home? This is one of the clearest signs that a person has a bat related issue at their residence. Even if the bat did not originate at your home specifically, it could be a sign that you are at risk for infestation in the future. By acting fast, you can safeguard your home from a future bat invasion.

Oily Stains Accompanied by Holes

The reason for oily stains stems from bats carrying large amounts of resin in their fur. When they find an entry point, they will stain it with their resin upon coming and going. Not only do these stains begin to become predominant within the domicile, but they also give off an appearance of ugliness. The presence of these stains is a surefire sign of a bat problem.

Bats Inside of the Home

While this one may seem quite obvious to some, there are those who do not realize that a bat's presence in their home typically indicates the presence of several. Once you have caught a glimpse of a bat flying into or out of your home, this is a sign that you need to take a much closer look around and learn more about whether you are experiencing a bat infestation.

Unexplained Noises from Walls and Attic

If you are beginning to hear the sounds of an animal that is giving off noises inside of your walls and/or attic, this is commonly known as a sign of a bat infestation. Bats that are living inside of your walls or attic usually give off noises that sound much like screeching and clawing. Since these sounds are often mistaken for mice, many home owners do not often take the necessary precautions to eliminate the issue in a timely fashion.

High Pitched Squeaks

Homeowners who are hearing noises coming from their attic and walls and falsely attributing them to smaller pests or rodents must keep their ears peeled, for sounds of bats. In an instance where the home's residents are beginning to hear high pitched squeaks coming from the inside of the home, this is usually a sign of bat infestation. Bats are not typically noisy creatures and if you can hear the sounds that they are making, that is an indicator that you have a colony residing at your house.

Guano Accumulation

Guano that has been allowed to accumulate over the course of time is one of the surest signs that you have a bat problem that needs to be immediately addressed. Guano is most commonly found at the bats' entry points and within the areas that they have located for nesting. There are bats who prefer not to defecate in areas that are close to their nests, so be on the outlook for guano accumulation in all areas of your property.

Any Bat Presence

Bats who are living on your property do not always prefer to make their home in an attic or a wall. If you are someone whose property also contains sheds and garages, these are also common hiding spots for bats and must be checked on a consistent basis, to make sure that no bat colonies are currently making their home there.

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