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Humane Bat Removal for New Jersey Residents

Bat Removal NJ

Many homes within the state of New Jersey are experiencing a wild infiltration of unwanted house guests. These unwanted visitors can claim the inside of homes that reside in a variety of counties including: Ocean County, Monmouth County, Union County, Middlesex County, Mercer County and Bergen County.

The problems associated with an invasion of bats isn’t as easy to fix as other common problems such as ant or cockroach infestations. In fact, there are actual state regulations that prevent bat evictions during the months between May and August. Colonies of bats are protected under the NJ Nongame and Endangered Species Conservation Act. This makes them difficult to remove in a humane manner.

While bats are a necessary part of the ecosystem, keeping populations of pests to a tolerable level, they are potentially hazardous to human health. They can carry rabies and attract troublesome Arthropods such as cockroaches and beetles. More bothersome, their accumulated fecal matter is a breeding ground for dangerous ectoparasites such as ticks, fleas and mites. With this knowledge, it’s understandable that family members want bats removed from their homes.

Regardless of these potentially life-threatening consequences, it is illegal to kill a bat inside the state of New Jersey (and throughout the country). Criminal prosecution can be sought for any New Jersey resident who is proven to injure or kill a bat. The only authorized chemical that can be used for bat control is Naphthalene. In terms of bat removal, it does little good since it is only a temporary repellent.

One common method of DIY bat removal is perfectly humane and follows the parameters of state laws. Family members that are experiencing bat problems should proceed with caution when carrying out this bat removal technique. All bothersome bats should be corralled inside a single room. The window should be safely opened and remain as such until dusk. Since bats can feel even the smallest air current, they will fly out the window and proceed with their nightly activities.

Since bat infestations are a common occurrence inside New Jersey homes, Animal Control Officers in some areas will assist in their removal. Residents can even schedule an inspection with one of the many pest control companies. They will remove and relocate the infestation in an ethical manner. This is the preferred method since New Jersey animal protection laws are exceedingly stringent. Nobody should operate in a manner that is potentially illegal or unethical. Residents should keep in mind that bats do decrease the population of mosquitoes and they should be removed using humane techniques.

Once the bat infestations are properly removed, the only method of keeping them out is by following a number of exclusion techniques. Professional services can be a viable option since properly sealing off a home requires an individual to climb atop the roof. Even the smallest hole can become an entrance way for many bats. There are a number of companies that operate inside the state of New Jersey and many are affordable. Because bat invasions are a common occurrence, these companies have improved their methods of removal and exclusion.

When all is said and done, the best method of bat removal is the prevention of their initial infestation. Houses that are prone to experience bat invasions should have their homes sealed off before the problem can even occur. Individuals that live inside the state of New Jersey should research their local ordinances and operate within the limits of the law.

For more information of safe bat removal or bat exclusion, please contact Bats Away. Bats Away provides complete bat removal service in New Jersey and bat dropping removal and cleanup.


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